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Buying a Home

Buying a home can often times seem like an overwhelming and confusing process with no clear starting point, we have created this resource page for potential home buyers to learn more about the real estate process and necessary steps to complete. Buying a home can be an excellent investment for your future and provides you with immediate housing benefits.

The first step in the home buying process, is to have a better understanding of your credit report. It is important to know your credit score and check from time to time for inaccurate or unauthorized entries. To obtain copies of your credit reports from the three major credit reporting bureaus, visit the following links:
Trans Union

Free Credit Report
Once every 12 months, you may request a free copy of your credit report from all three credit bureau’s. For more information on how to request your copy, visit:
Annual Credit Report

Repairing Your Credit
There are steps you can take to begin repairing your less than ideal credit score. If there are errors within your credit report, take the necessary steps to have these entries removed. The following is a link to a sample letter you can use to write to credit reporting agencies:

Paying Off Judgments
If you discover there are judgments against you, it is important to pay these off.

Not all realtors are created equal, discover why at:

Buy vs Rent
Many first time home buyers address the age old question, should I buy or rent? The following articles provide insight about the buy vs rent debate.
Why It Is Smart to Buy:

Buying vs. Renting:

Buyers Agent
Information on how buyers agents work.
How Buying A House Works:
Definition of a Buyers Agent:

Sellers Agent
Information on the sellers agent.
Fiduciary Responsibilities:

Resources for Soon-to-Be Homeowners

The Housing Council
Homeownership 101
Avoid Predatory Lending
Veteran’s Assistance
Mortgage Lenders
Lending Tree
State Farm
Liberty Mutual

Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions answered by HUD